Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Waiting For Migrants


A cold easterly wind still blowing, as all month so not much hope for migrants. The only birds of note were 2 Canadas on the marsh opposite the LA and a distant peregrine. Late pm 2 ravens put in an appearance followed by buzzard and the best, a ringtail flying across the road where I managed to get a few shots.


Strangely I got up early and was out just before seven, a lovely still day, the sea like a piece of glass and hardly anyone about.  I stopped at the NRA to look over the sea and found 51 red-throated divers resting on the water a fair way out plus 22 grebes. As the tide left the beach there were still good numbers of waders coming in to feed, c.1000 knot, c.1500 dunlin and I stopped counting grey plovers at 150, could have been three times that number.

On the fields there were 71 curlews, and 38 crows and from the LA 2 buzzards and whilst having coffee there I saw a CRANE fly over towards Faversham. I managed a record shot but it was a long way off, the photo is only 600 pix across. Also a group of 4 ravens. A big flock of c.2000 starlings were flying about all day plus saw 2 greylags late afternoon.

Saturday, 20 March 2021

Still on The Local Patch - egrets and harrier

 8th Mar

Still plenty of waders about on the flats......took a walk along the path to L.Array flushing two grey partridges but nothing more except a buzzard........returned late pm to see the great white egret.

9th Mar

Returned seeing a distant raven perched on a drinking trough....took a few photos....late pm I saw the GWE again.

I took a distant speck shot of a peregrine, just to see how the camera performed, its only 410 pix wide.

12th Mar.

I saw a Med gull and some lesser black backed gulls from the beach and then at LA a merlin.


Another unpleasant day with cold winds but I had a good bit of luck with a shot of the ringtail harrier that came closer than they normally do. Also a chiffchaff by the NRA.

Sunday, 7 March 2021

Harriers, Great White Egret at Seasalter

 6th March

6th March

Not been out for four days after a skin cancer on my forehead was removed at Canterbury, bit of a headache.  So first day out took a short visit to the London Array watch point as crowds of people were along the seafront. 

An hour at LA produced 2 peregrines, 1 Great white egret, 4 ravens, marsh harrier and ringtail harrier, 3 buzzards.

7th March

The tide was just leaving the beach which attracted c2000 knot and similar numbers of knot and a big number of brents in the distance. At the pumping station 2 Canada geese flew over the railway line towards Sheppey. By the pub field 15 golden plovers, 2 lapwings and walking towards C.Coote 9 shelduck and a little egret.

Late afternoon another dusk watch seeing the great white still present plus the male hen harrier again also one barn owl out and a sparrowhawk and 2 kestrels.

As the sun went down it was quite a sight as it sunk down over Cleve Hill.

Hen Harrier and White- Fronted Geese at Seasalter

 27th Feb

Seasalter; PM visit, I saw barn owl, 2 peregrines, buzzards, a male hen harrier, 2 egrets,  raven and 9 wigeon on the marsh.

1st March

A walk along the seafront at SS ticking off the waders for the month list and on the way home saw 65 whitefronts about to land on the 'Alberta Field', the first time I have ever seen geese there.

Friday, 26 February 2021

Barn Owls

 26th Feb.

Birding has been very quiet over the last few days so I have been spending most time trying to photograph the local barn owls. They always come out as the light fades so any photos are at ISO 4-6400 which is hopeless to get detail but you take what you can get.  A few marsh harriers are usually seen at the same time and tonight I saw two grey partridges which I have not seen for a couple of years here.

Saturday, 20 February 2021

Brambling and Buzzards

 20th Feb.

I had a good walk today from Graveney to Faversham via Nagden accompanied by Mark C. A big change from the cold snowy weekend last week to fifteen degs this weekend and  lots of warm sunshine. A large flock of 60-70 chaffinches with four brambling amongst them were feeding in the fields then flew up onto some trees.


Reaching the Creek two greenshank were in the channel with c.20 redshank and four teal and at the sewage works three or four chiffchaffs were singing plus several reed buntings and I counted thirty nine pied wagtails around the sewage works.


On the way back we saw at least five buzzards one I photographed being chased by a carrion crow.

Buzzard and Crow

       I saw my first bee sp this year clinging to some low vegetation but I don't know what its ID is.

After the two walk my step counter recorded 9500 steps and we covered a distance of three and a half miles.

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Great White Egrets at Seasalter

 14th Feb

A message from Geoff alerting me to three great white egrets on the main dyke by the pumping station at Seasalter.  They were visible on the frozen dyke as I drove along the road to the pumping station. I got a few shots from the road for the record and after half an hour they flew a couple of hundred yards into the plots out of sight after which I went home....too cold.