Wednesday 4 May 2022

Holiday to Portugal.

 23rd April

 5 star Salgados Palace hotel.

We booked this destination three years ago as there was a large lake behind the sand dunes for birding but was cancelled due to covid. The hotel was almost empty when during our week, the bars shut so a lot of complaints to hotel and Jet2.

However, a nice beach bar and restaurant on the beach so lots of walks along the lakeside. Weather was sunny but a fresh wind off the sea, sometimes needing a jumper. We came too late as most birds moved off three to four weeks ago but managed to see most that it attracted but in small numbers (64 species).

A number of flamingos were still present plus, spoonbills, purple gallinules, waxbills, black headed bunting, all hirundines inc. alpine swifts, bee eaters, little bittern, woodchat, Audouin's gull, osprey, white stork, purple herons etc..

                                                 Remember this picture if you get to the end


                                                     Sandbar opened and lake emptied

        I was told they do this every year so that insects don't become a problem for the hotels behind.

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