Sunday, 6 June 2021

Warden Duty Day

 5th June

After yesterday inch of rain it was a bit muddy on the track walking up to C. Coote and disappointing not to see any terns. However, corn buntings were in full song with 4-5 along the route but only one yellow wagtail noted.

A  few skylarks were coming up onto the seawall and meadow pipits but otherwise uneventful.

At the Coote there was no sign of terns, just the eider that was going through a moult or something but still active fishing for crabs. The ringed plover chicks were still about on the shingle, a little worrying with the two lesser black backed gulls still on site.

I met MC on the way back and started looking at bees etc, soon found a wall brown and I came across a carder bee which appears to be a Moss Carder BB. Bombus muscorum (waiting for confirmation). Also some nomad bees which looked very hairy and another wait for ID confirmation. Noted 4-5 lizards on the seawall sunning themselves, I have seen so many.

A lot of red admirals seemed to about today finding at least half a dozen, most moving westwards and small heaths were also quite abundant.

Finally came upon several nomad bees which looked strangely hairy, waiting for confirmation again.

                                                                      The Nomads

                     A couple of Med gulls flew over which seems to be a daily sighting now


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