Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Reculver in the Mist

27th Nov.

It was just a bit of exercise at Reculver this morning as two large lorries were parked to the east of the towers loaded with some large concrete structures.  Started the walk only having to jump off the seawall as a large tractor and trailer rumbled past back to the lorries, one with the load, the other with a large crane attached.

I walked a good way towards Cold Harbour seeing nothing on the beach except c.20 linnets and seeing diggers etc further on I decided to abort.

The only bird photo I got was a pied wagtail on the car park! Time to go in Hats Hats.

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Starting the Blog Again

25th Nov.18

With the demise of flickr changing the amount of postings I thought I might see if I can remember how this blogging works. 

The past week or so has been cold with the easterly wind so I only made a few trips in between the school runs etc.. A couple of visits to Hampton finally paid off and I found the two purple sandpipers resting on the breakwaters at high tide on the 22nd and just one redshank.

Last week on a miserable day I took the wife for a drive to Thanet ending up at 'The Captain Digby' where we had coffee and a pastry or two. I went down onto the beach with my camera and got a few shots of the cliffes and tidal foam.

Kingsgate Bay

Today, 25th Nov., I took a walk along the Swale meeting Peter Maton and Chiddy where we walked along the beach hoping to find Mark' snow buntings he saw yesterday. No luck of course but plenty of brents c.2500 on the incoming tide and fields, c100+ wigeon amongst them at Castle Coote. A couple of the fields had not been ploughed and crops planted, the remaining stubble held loads of skylarks, reed buntings and linnets, if only farmers could do this a bit more.  Also at this point the view inland might be covered with solar panels in the future!

Reading the latest plan for the solar farm they have increased its distance from the seawall to 63 meters, which includes the present strip of the LNR reedbed. So they are very close the edge of the dyke, 300yards might be acceptable and give the wildlife a chance and not be quite in your face!

Wigeon and brents feeding close to the shore as the tide came in at Castle Coote