Saturday, 16 September 2017

Kingfishers are Back at Seasalter


A change of scenery led me to Grove Ferry where after a longish wait the kingfisher put in a short appearance but the perch is now surrounded by vegetation which makes the bird turn its back to the hide as it looks further out into the water to seek prey. However, I managed a few poor shots.

On the walk back a comma was sitting high up on a branch sunning itself but not placed well for a photo.


A very short visit to SS, it was blowing like hell and not to my liking but a look over the pumping station dyke revealed a kingfisher and driving up to the Sportsman PH I noticed the rook was back on the seawall near the YC. After to that it was back to more homely comforts.


Seasalter again and I counted 260 ringed plovers on the high tide beach roost, remarkable that no one came along the beach to flush them. I then had another look for the chats but only saw one of each plus a couple of kestrels.


This morning I was again at SS but just messing with the camera but saw a big flock of tatty goldfinches and linnets plus a buzzard. One other thing I saw was a small hovercraft, most unusual, where did all engineering disappear?


Nearly up to date!

Seasalter Chats.

9th September

Another visit to Seasalter and a walk around the plots which were very quiet, I didn't stop long but saw a whitethroat, coot, quite a few starlings which were tracking west plus a sparrowhawk flew out of the big tree just over the bridge, just managed a grab shot. A few swallows, 2 blackbirds, crows, wood pigeons all put in an appearance plus I could just make out a chiffchaff calling, also a couple of common darters were on the path. Back by the car, 9 linnets flew out of the NRA compound onto the beach.

 Common Darter

 Little Egret



Onto the Sportsman area where as I was getting out of the car I thought I saw the osprey flying away westwards, long wings and soaring, not a marsh harrier but only saw as it flew away so not conclusive. Along the wall near the white post 2 wheatears and 2 wheatears were feeding in the cut grass and not coming onto the wall much.


A return visit to photograph the chats again and a hobby put in a surprise flyby.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Seasalter and Oare

4th September

A grey and mizzly morning so no photography but birds seen were, 11  egrets, 250 plus starlings, 181 ringed plovers on the roost, 1 marsh harrier, 1 green woodpecker, just one turnstone noted, c.20 swallows, 14 redshanks plus the usual commoner birds.


Another visit to Oare primarily to get photos, inc. 9 curlew sands, c.200 golden plovers, avocets, ruff
and a new Oare tick for me, sanderling on the side of the channel viewed from the lay by.

 Curlew Sandpiper and Dunlin

 Golden Plover

 Curlew Sandpiper and Ruff

 Curlew Sandpiper and Ruff

Curlew Sandpiper and Ruff



Grove and Oare

3rd September

No boys this week so I paid an overdue visit to Grove this morning where it was unbelievably quiet. I sat in the Feast hide for a while only seeing a few eclipse mallard and gadwall, the best sighting being a grass snake. Quiet on the walk around so went home and finished off some turfing in the garden.


After a trip to the dump I called in at Oare meeting Tim Gutsell and Bernie at the lay by. Usual birds on view including the long-billed dowitcher, managed a distant shot and a couple of curlew sandpipers were the only birds of note.

 Long-billed Dowitcher

 Black-tailed godwit

Sunday, 10 September 2017

1st September........crashed plane

1st September

A lovely sunny morning where my first stop was at SS Lane finding; 3 jackdaws, 2 magpies, 2 swans, 1 heron, 1 cormorant, 4 swallows, starlings and wood pigeons. Moving to the seafront I saw a common sandpiper, new for the year, 190 ringed plovers on the beach, 1 Sandwich tern, 2 common terns and 5 grt blk bk gulls.  On the plots, 4 whitethroat, 2 goldfinches, 4 blue tits, 1 cetti's, 1 great spot wd pker, 1 lesser whitethroat, 1 marsh harrier, first one seen for a couple of months. At the LNR a large flock of 130 goldfinches, the largest I have seen for sometime (3-400 a few years ago).  Along the wall 3 wheatears, 9 egrets flying west and perhaps a corn bunting, I didn't get a good view before it was off.  Also 14 sparrows, a large flock oystercatchers in front of the chalets, 12 common gulls and a clouded yellow.

The other bit of interest was the small plane that did an emergency landing on the fields towards C. Coote, everyone got out ok I believe.

August 2nd half

19th August

On this Saturday I made a visit to Seasalter, it was near high tide enabling me to get a count of 120 ringed plovers roosting on the beach plus  a couple of turnstones. On the plots, 1 juv stonechat, a couple of swallows, 1 sparrowhawk and a swan, very quiet.  Moving up to the LNR there were a couple of linnets by the huts, 1 pied wagtail, 1 wheatear, 3 goldfinches and over the sea, 9 Sandwich terns.

Another visit the next day was much the same.


Seasalter again finding a whinchat on the seawall, 1 wheatear, 1 kestrel and c.40 linnets also several small heaths and 2 clouded yellows.

 A new fence is being errected running parallel to the seawall all the way to Castle Coote almost, protecting the reedbeds from cows and dogs.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

August, First Half.

As predicted August was going to be a busy time looking after others ie the twins school holiday plus the wife's arm in plaster but I did manage a few trips out.

1st Aug.

I made a visit to Temple Ewell hoping to see some Adonis blues but no luck although I didn't search the whole site.  It was quite different from my last visit when there were hundreds of marbled whites and chalkhill blues yet in just a couple of weeks things had changed with no marbled whites seen and numbers of chalkhill much reduced. However, I managed to see a silver-spotted skipper and took some photos of painted ladys, small tortoiseshell, large white and blues.

 Painted Lady
 Small Tortoiseshell
Large White
 Female Chalkhill Blue
 Female Chalkhill Blue
 Male Chalkhill Blue
  Male Chalkhill Blue
Common Blue

6th Aug

A short visit to Seasalter, mainly sitting on the bench talking to Geoff!  However, we did see; c.40 swifts, 1 swallow, 1 sand mardtin 9 little egrets, 2 whimbrels, 1 cormorant, 1 clouded yellow, 1 small copper and 3 com blues. 

8th Aug.

I managed to get a late pm visit to Oare although nothing of note to report except some super storm clouds passing over Elmley.

10th Aug.

Another visit to Oare seeing the huge black-tailed godwit flock plus a 100+ avocets, 1 curlew sandpiper, 6 Med gulls, 1 whitethroat, 2 swifts, no sign of the dowitcher.

11th Aug

Back to Temple Ewell seeing good numbers of chalkhill blues plus one silver-spotted skipper and going through the large gate towards the A2 several adonis blues. 

12th Aug

A visit to Seasalter plots proved very quiet for birds 2 cetti's, 2 whitethroats so I just looked at a few blue butterflies plus I found one brown argus.

 Common Blue male
 Holly Blue
Brown Argus