Monday, 3 March 2014

Buzzard and Afternoon visit to Seasalter.

I thought I would look for some buzzards or raptors to photograph on this sunny morning but found  rain instead, however, it did dry up late morning allowing me to find two.

Mid-afternoon I took a run down to Seasalter and stumbled on the hooded crow again, same sheep field but perched in a bush this time. From the Sportsman continue on towards Faversham for 200yds, then park on the right by the gate and look into the back of the sheep field, hopefully it might be there or over in the fields behind where it will be probably out of sight! I got a poor distant shot but it had its back to me and flew off to the fields behind fifteen minutes later.

Whilst there a marsh harrier flew overhead but when I first arrived two green sandpipers flew over the road and across to the pasture. 

I then had a quick look on the beach as the tide was just going out seeing about 1000 knot, a few dunlin, c.100 brent and a barwit.

Knot and few dunlin.

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Warren Baker said...

Nice flight shot of the Marsh Harrier!