Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Compulsory Purchase Order

Yesterday I noticed compulsory notice orders posted on the entrance to the Seasalter plotlands by the Council. If they manage to achieve this I hope the site will see some interesting changes and become a major reserve as it is 'sort' of run by the RSPB at the moment but clearly can't do much with it until they have complete control over the area.   

A short walk up to the wall produced 11 swallows and 2 house martins plus 2 redshanks,  the mudflats were deserted but Horse Sands had c.40 seals hauled out.


Derek Faulkner said...

Who would they compulsory purchase the land from if they don't find the owners, like who would the money that they pay for the land go to?

Mike Gould said...

Good question Derek, no doubt they have a way. Not sure they they will be able to do it as I understand a very good reason has to be made for compulsory purchase!