Thursday, 12 June 2014

Back On The Patch - 10th June

It was the first time could I could get out for a decent spell, duties a home etc. with grandchildren have changed my life somewhat. Anyway Tuesday as a lovely sunny day a a short seawatch didn't produce much except a couple of common terns and a great crested grebe. I watched a seal eating a fish just offshore and also noted good numbers of oystercatchers and gulls on the Shellness high tide roost.  I then turned my attentions to a slow walk around the plots where I could heard a cuckoo sounding off. The two coot nests were empty, one seen around the reed edges with five youngsters, so they have had some success. Further in a couple of whitethroats came up on the wires and a reed bunting jumped up out of the tall vegetation. Over the bridge I took the SE track seeing just common stuff, a few goldfinches, linntes, 1 cetti's, 1 egret, 1 marsh harrier, 3 swifts, 4 house martins but no swallows. There used to be two breeding pairs but they have now been moved off as their homes have been demolished, progress!  It was refreshing to see 10 plus tortoiseshells, by far the commonest butterfly, also 2 large skippers, a red admiral and a painted lady.

Further on a couple of sedge warblers, 1 blackcap, 4 wrens, several blackbirds, 1 egret overflying and a chaffinch.

Oedemera nobilis

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