Monday, 16 February 2015

What A Surprise

A day off at last but what grim weather, not the day for photography that's for sure. So, down to the patch at Seasalter, then back home straight away as I forgot my boots and tripod. Finally, at the pumping station dyke the usual teal, gadwall, coots, moorhens and a couple of shoveler were still huddled against the sides of the main drain.  Turning back to the car I noticed a small flock of birds coming down the Swale/maybe across it. At first I thought they were brent and didn't take too much notice but then they turned inland as if going to Stodmarsh. Being a little closer I could see they weren't brent and greylags would have been bigger. Pinkfeet immediately came to mind with their short dark necks and head but here they are rare, I took a couple of distant shots in the gloom, quicker than setting up the scope to confirm I thought.   I counted 52 when viewing on the pc.. 

From the Sportsman, c.1000+ lapwing took flight spooked by a helicopter and shortly after c75 fieldfares flew west over the plots.  I walked up nearly to the white post but it was so quiet, I returned and walked along the footpath around the road only finding a stonechat.


Warren Baker said...

Nice find Mike :-)

Marc Heath said...

Well done Mike, right time, right place.