Monday, 4 May 2015

Lesbos, Day 1

18th April

Yet another trip to the Greek island of Lesbos just off the coast of Turkey and lately, an every year visit, I love it.  Can seem crowded with birders in times but its easy to get away on your own although its nice to bump into others to get any new bird info. There are lots of dutch birders visiting as well and fortunately they all speak good English and know the bird names as well, puts us to shame!

We set off on the 7.40 Thomas Cook flight arriving just over three hours later. As usual the whole flight appeared to be all birdwatchers including several groups and other individuals such as Ian Lewington.  Collecting the car at the airport it took a further hour's drive to arrive at Skala Kalloni in the middle of the island where we stayed at the Kalloni Bay Hotel. The famous 'pool' was still overgrown but full of water due to the exceptionally heavy rain this winter and cold temperatures, -8 being recorded I was told, most unusual.

It was mid afternoon so a bit of time for birding around the pool which held 9 garganey, 3 coots, 1 little bittern, 30 glossy ibises plus at least 1 great bittern which was to give some close views in the next few days but this afternoon it was distant. 

 Kalloni Bay Hotel and 'pool' from the beach road

From the opposite direction - plenty of water in the pool!

Great Bittern

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