Monday, 18 May 2015

Lesbos, Day 12

Wed. 29th

Followed Rob up to the Potamia Valley where he pointed out a middle-spotted woodpecker's nest hole in the olive grove he found the other day. 

 I took a few distant photos then we headed over towards Mt Olympus to a small valley we usually visit finding serins, greenfinches, wren and a short-toed eagle (the commonest raptor). 


 Short-toed Eagle

We then drove the beach track to Polynichtos and the saltpansbut again very little to see, just a few stilts and woodsands.  The drive back was better with half a dozen black-headed buntings, a short-toed lark on the track, and a masked shrike in the olive grove.

 Masked Shrike

Short-toed Lark

Making our way back to the saltpans we stopped to see a red-backed shrike and at the saltpans a citrine wagtail was on view and posing for lots of photographers.  I also got a few close shots of a female marsh harrier from the track back to the East river. Later on after dinner we watched the barn owl that has a regular nest site in a chimmney in the village square.


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