Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Lesbos, Day 14

Fri. 1st May

A beautiful sunny day, temperatures rising to 24 degs and no wind - the last day before going home  a potential for some more ticks!  I heard olive tree warblers were in at one of their usual spots so it was out and straight there. That being a good forty minute drive towards the  Polynichtos olive grove and yes a couple singing away nicely. Back to the raptor watch point seeing a squacco heron perched on a rock by the shore.  There was a unpresidented  amount of traffic as it was a bank holiday but they couldn't have all come from Mytilini - we were told later they were all from Turkey!

Squacco Heron

There were c.20 birders at the viewpoint peering out to the south all the while Turkish holidaymakers were waving and tooting as they drove past wondering what all these strange people were doing! We were told a lesser-spotted eagle had gone over earlier which is one I wanted to see however, whilst everyone was looking through their scopes I spotted something large coming our way. It soon took the shape of a griffon vulture as I have seen plenty before in Africa.  Getting a few scopers onto it they all confirmed the ID and then another was found higher up.  

Olivaceous Warbler

After that excitement together with a sparrowhawk as well, we went for lunch in Skala Kalloni, I dropped the other half off to do some packing etc whilst I went to the saltpans again.  Yet another two ticks were on the cards, a black tern was mixed in with the whiskered flock and a bird that has always been easy to see in past years finally revealed itself, bee-eaters, a flock of seven, couldn't imagine it possible not to see them.  Over the two weeks, 153 species - only took my bins and camera.

The Saltpans Always Busy In The Evening

 Black Stork

 Black-winged Stilt


That about wraps it up, sorry its been a long time getting this blog done but going through the 1300+ pictures I brought back, plus I was deleting each night, it has been a learning curve, ie not to do it again! A more shortened type of account in the future I think. 

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