Friday, 15 May 2015

Lesbos Day 9

Whilst having breakfast news reached us that the Demoiselle crane was on the Christou river, (west river) so we quickly grabbed the gear of set off, only half a km away. It was in a small field with a couple of white storks and gulls but was not easy to see over the high reeds in the dyke. I got a few shots but vegetation was often in the way and the weather was dull, however we all had our fill and time to move on.

 Two headed version!

After the crane we thought we would have another crack at Sigri to the west stopping in the Lardia valley hearing eastern Bonelli's and seeing a sub-alpine warbler. Just beyond the Eresos junction we saw a Isabelline wheatear amidst all the road workings. 

Not quite an eastern bonelli's in the Grand Canyon 

Isabellines were always distant

They are building a proper road from Sigri in the west to Kalloni, the island centre, about 40-50 km., its very mountainous and must be costing a bomb!  However, a stop at the Ipsilou monastry revealed a couple cinerous buntings which I managed to locate (difficult with my ears) and photograph plus black-eared wheatears.

 The main road west below - takes one and a quarter hrs to get to Kalloni from Sigri

Track up to Ipsilou

 Cinerous Bunting

Black-eared Wheatear - Ipsilou very quiet for birds this year

Arriving at Sigri we turned right to go along to Faneromeni finding zitting cisticolas, a couple of spot flys, lesser kestrel, wagtails, 2 golden orioles, 2 woodchats, red-rumped swallows, c20 woodsands, 2 ruff, 1 egret and a pallid harrier.

 Little Owl as we descended down to Sigri

The beach pool at the beach held quite a few waders and off shore many shearwaters were  passing by. spent some time watching the red-rumps flying in to collect mud from the pool.

 Best I could do on the two golden orioles

Red-rumped Swallow

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Marc Heath said...

Iv'e been following with interest Mike, some superb photos. Sounds like a cracking trip.