Sunday, 10 May 2015

Lesbos, Day5

Wed, 22nd April

We had great views of one of the two great bitterns on the Kalloni pool first thing this morning and it continued to parade itself for several days until everybody had their fill! Also, the little bittens, squaccos and ibises continued to attract daily attention. 

Onto the saltpans hoping to get views of the great spotted cuckoo that kept being reported but the bulk of us failed to connect however, the arrival a spur-winged plover partially made up for it.   The roadside pool held 4 marsh sandpipers, 4 garganey and 1 greenshank plus woodsands and stilts etc.. 

A thunderstorm was brewing up over the hills to the north so we headed south to Acklederi but the rain soon descended upon us so we took the beach road to Polichnitos saltpans and parked to sit out the storm seeing a few grt flamingoes on route.

The temperature went down to 7 degs.  The saltpans were a disappointment just a couple of mallard, stilts and 16 ruff but on the way back we saw 3 red foots on the wires plus a few whinchats and 4 cuckoos together. The village looked a bit dead as we had a little drive around, apparently the cats are keen on motorcycles.

Back at the saltpans a couple of kestrels and 6 red foots then I spent some time trying to get photos of swallows and red foots

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