Thursday, 28 May 2015

Westbere and Seasalter

28th May

Just before going to Westbere I stopped to check the HT roost finding; 34 turnstones, 5 dunlin and 14 ringed plovers.

At Westbere it was still windy and mainly sunny which was not the best conditions. I met Mike Roser, Warren Baker and friend, all of us hoping for some good views of odonata. 

 Blue-tailed Damselfly

 Variable Damselfly

Baby Blackcap on path!


Warren Baker said...

Hi Mike,
Nice to meet you in ''real life'' again :-)

Those Variable Damsels are very difficult to ID, one reliable feature is the shape of the pronotum - but its so bloody small to see!

Marc Heath said...

A nice set Mike. Sure to see you down there soon hopefully when the Norfolk Hawkers appear in the next week or so.

Johnnykinson said...

It was a pleasure to meet you Mike and enjoyed your Damsel images. You will have, no doubt, seen Warrens images of the Hairy Dragon consuming the Banded Demoiselle. Amazing. Hope it give you a feel for what we experienced. I came across a juv/ female Rare Chaser along the path by the river a little further on than where we last saw you and both Warren and i had great views of a pair of adult male Scarce Chasers having a "set to" on the river bank before one of them perched up for a bit. Might bump into you at westbere again as i'll pay another visit next week in slightly better conditions hopefully. Might get a Norfolk never know.
A friend of warren Baker.