Monday, 13 July 2015

Dunlin Every Month So Far

13th July

I had a couple of hours to spare so went down to SS again hoping for some returning waders, it was near high tide and I was pleasantly surprised to find two dunlin plus a ringed plover on the beach by the Ski Club, my first stop!

Dunlin by the Ski Club

Just one Ringed Plover

The next stop was the 'plots', a look over the sea first which revealed 1 g.c.grebe plus a couple of g.b.b.gulls and on the 'island that was' 8 cormorants, herring gulls, 3 juv. g.b.b.gulls and 2 common terns but no other waders, not even an oystercatcher.  

  The 'island roost that was', now well joined to the beach - attracts walkers to go out on it with the obvious results!

This juvenile common tern was resting next to the outfall

I went onto the plots finding several stonechats, a dozen or more reed buntings, whitethroats etc. and a couple of great tits and blue tits (not seen lately). A kestrel was the only raptor and with a single heron was flying around several times. I counted 6 blackbirds, 2 wrens and 7 goldfinches plus 5 swifts, no swallows. The wind was increasing in strength again so I returned to the car and saw a common gull flying west, close to the beach.

Young Stonechats

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