Tuesday, 15 September 2015

More Little Terns

Friday 11th

It was a beautiful morning, with just a light SE breeze and 22 degs., my first stop was on the seawall by the YC. Here there were lots of oystercatchers feeding fairly close to the shore where some of the green 'weed' was growing and where its too shallow for the cocklers etc to work. Further out I picked up four little terns resting on the mud along with 22 egrets dotted along the shoreline, not many other waders though.  Back at the NRA pumping station a few robins had taken up winter residence plus a cetti's burst into song. Inland, 4-7 stonechats, 1 lesser whitethroat, 4 blue tits, 1 blackcap, 1 whinchat and a green woodpecker pluus it was good to see the lone rook back on the wires by Waldens. Several common darters and a couple of migrant hawkers were on the wing plus a small copper put in an appearance.

 Migrant Hawker

Common Darter

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