Sunday, 18 October 2015

This Weekend

17th Oct

I just took a walk around the plots finding 2 redwings, a long-tailed tit, 1 swallow, 1 goldcrest plus a few chaffinches and reed buntings etc., seemed rather quiet, didn't stay long!

Brian Watmough reported a great grey shrike in bushes opposite the Sportsman PH at 11.00. It appears he was the only person to see it to my knowledge.

18th Oct

Driving down to the Sportsman I needed headlights, it was so dark, why bring the camera?  I was hoping to meet Geoff and saw his car so he must be around but walking up onto the wall he was nowhere in sight. Then I heard someone call my name several times, sounded like Geoff but I couldn't tell from what direction he was calling but finally I saw him appear from the chalet track. Clearly it looked important, but why not phone. However, yomping up to him he told me off a Pallas's warbler in the bush which I saw straight away but no camera with me, left it in the car. Another yomp back to the car for the camera plus a few phone calls to put the news out, Geoff's phone was charging up at home!  

Below are some poor shots taken in the dark damp conditions and at high ISOs.  Note that this bird does not appear to have any rings. Someone took a photo of it, or another, showing it to have a ring, and shown to Ray O'Reilly - two birds?

Plenty of other birds seen this morning inc. redpoll, siskin, brambling, grey wagtail, redwing, fieldfare, swallows, chiffchaff, goldcrests, long-tailed tits, blackcap, snipe, goldfinches, gannets and teal etc..

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Marc Heath said...

Cracking bird Mike and nicely captured.