Tuesday, 15 November 2016

New Addition To The Camera Bag

11th Nov.

I went out this morning to test my new 1.4 extender Mk3 at Seasalter. Along the wall, by the breakwaters there is normally a few waders resting on the posts at high tide which make ideal subjects.  On my way by the huts a short-eared got up from the grass, looking tired as if it had just arrived.

Later I moved onto Hampton finding some oystercatchers and sanderling plus a kingfisher flew out from the brook and landed on the 'large breakwater'. It was some distance but I thought I would give it a go and try for a photo. Only getting a 1/100 sec shutter speed I was amazed that I got a fair image, not wobbly at all and a large crop.

Later a little egret flew in and landed on the rocks giving more opportunities, the sanderling further back along the beach didn't play ball so I didn't bother any more with them. I met another photographer, Dan Moon who was trying his luck for the purple sandpipers which I have not seen yet this autumn.

Sat 12th Nov.

A miserable looking start to the day with rain in the air so I was going to give it a miss today but a call from Steve Ashton moved me to join him at Seasalter where he wanted to do some kit testing. Fortunately, the rain had just about stopped enabling us to walk up to the wall and have a try at the grey plovers and redshank etc.. As we were about to finish a flock of 8 small birds landed very close to us on the wall apron, snow buntings. We got a few shots but as usual along came man and his dog and they flew westwards but landed. We went back up on the wall and within a minute the snow buntings were running back towards us on the apron.  A few more close shots but at very high ISOs, then off they went again, back over to Sheppey I think.

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