Monday, 17 April 2017

Sedge Warblers Arrive

2nd April

I went to see the judging of the Kent County Photographic Association's annual competition which lasted all day. however, I was back early enough to have a quick visit to Seasalter finding my first sedge warbler of the year but no owls.

3rd April

It was a bright, misty morning with some sunny periods later on as I checked out SS Lane. I saw 2 Canada geese on the levels plus several lapwings, possibly c.30 birds present, 1 heron, 3 mallard, 5 swans, 1 cetti's, blackbirds, chaffinches, coots, 4 jackdaws on the field behind.  At the sea front there were 29 shelduck just off the pumping station, (they seem to gather there at this time of the year lately), 6 redshank, a few brents, 25 curlew and 1 g.b.b.gull.  On the plots; 2 chiffchaffs, 6 wrens, 1 heron, the 2 Canadas flew over heading towards Sheppey, 2 cetti's, 1 sedge warbler and 8 linnets.  

5th  April

A trip to Eagle Heights with the grandchildren, I took several photos but deleted virtually except some head shots of the Steller's.  When they flew the Steller's it did go very high finding a friend in the shape of a red kite which just followed it around, clearly mystified at this huge bird.

A huge 'conk' on the Steller's Sea Eagle.

7th April

At Wraik Hill I couldn't hear any nightingales but saw a pair of bullfinches, 1 blackcap, 1 jay and scoping down on the levels, 7 shelduck, 1 egret, swans and lapwings but little else on the flooded scrapes, kept wet by the pump. Back at the seafront just 1 redshank, 3 curlew, 3 cormorants and inland, 2 cetti's, a blackcap, reed buntings, plus 2 swallows and a wheatear on the track down to the concrete bridge.

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