Thursday, 11 January 2018

Seasalter Redpolls

9th January

Another visit to push the Seasalter list a little further forward, the weather was as usual low, grey cloud but no wind.  First stop SS Lane but didn't add anything here, quad bike on the levels plus someone with a chain saw on the corner of the Applegarth mobile home park had sent any birds that might have been around into cover, although it was encouraging for my ears to hear a cetti's and a blue tit somewhere.
Along the seafront the tide was halfway in/out and off the outfall were 8 shelduck, c.200 brents, 90 lapwing (resting on the 'hard') plus loads of dunlin, curlew, turnstones, redshanks, plus black-tailed godwits right out in the mid channel.
On the plots it seemed quiet so I walked up to the railway line finding  6 coots, green woodpecker, pheasant, magpie and on the way back, what a surprise to see 7 redpolls, especially when there was hardly any other birds on show.
Another look at the gulls from the outfall, I spotted one of the large, dark backed Scandinavian herring gull Larus argentatus argentatus, it certainly looked good for one.

Fortunately, I had got some pictures before I was engulfed in dogs, a lady with ten dogs was walking them out on the 'hard' areas at low tide. Somewhat of a record for me at Seasalter, I've seen fours and the other week six, I don't know whether the Long Rock Dog Park can beat that!

Ten dogs for walkies

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