Friday, 4 October 2013

Ring Ouzels Galore

Met up with Steve Ashton this morning and thought we would make try for some ring ouzels as there appeared to be a good chance at Langdon Hole. At first walking down the path there seemed very little although seeing Phil Smith looking at something further down gave us hope. It appeared they were only chaffinches, linnets etc. but behind us we saw three ring ouzels flying east, dropping into some bushes. Heading in that direction we began to hear and see others but none would sit up for a photo, they were the most shy of birds. We met up with Steve Ray and together we tried to see/count/photograph these birds. Finally, we managed a few shots but they were always distant and usually covered with some foliage. It was difficult to estimate the numbers as they seemed to move around together but you didn't know whether you were counting the same birds again and again.  We all thought there must have been 20 - 25 birds which may have been an under estimate as I myself remember counting 14 birds coming out of one bush alone!

Other birds we saw were; 2 black redstarts, 1 stonechat, 2 yellowhammers and a surprise with 11 grey partridges, 1 reed bunting and numerous swallows plus a few house martins.

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