Monday, 7 October 2013

Seasalter round up. 7th October 13

Made a start at Wraik Hill which was very quiet except for 4-5 chiffchaffs, one singing his head off.  Moved down to the levels and a quick stop  revealed nothing to speak of, just one swallow. Next stop, the Ski Club where 155 ringed plovers were all resting just a few yards out. Then onto the pumping station area and plots but only walked to the plots entrance finding a kingfisher but not much else, although counted 46 egrets along the shore. Last stop was South Swale, the tide rapidly coming in up to the beach and around the huts it was very quiet, no wheatears or goldfinches.  Continued up to the white post where two dark geese flew eastwards almost overhead whilst I was talking to a tall gent. Unfortunately, they were flying away and I couldn't ID them properly but couldn't see any pale wings. Thought I should ring Geoff at Swalecliffe. However, moving on I managed to pick up the red-necked grebe just east of Horse Sands where it stayed in mid-channel for the next hour or so. Met Mike Norman and wife as I was walking back and put them onto the grebe and Mike found a guillemot as we chatted. Home for lunch but a lovely day, should have stayed out all day! No photos today.

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