Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Changes at Wraik Hill. 26th November

I thought I would take a look at Wraik Hill having not been there for a few weeks.  Extensive scrub bashing had been carried out where c.33% of the scrub has been removed, it needed doing a bit but this was something else. I hope it will not disturb the two nightingale pairs that breed there when they return!  Bound to look different for them. Perhaps it will mature in time and come to attract plenty of wildlife again.

I only saw a couple of redwings and blackbirds here but little else although a sparrowhawk flew past over the road.  Made my way to the seafront where the tide was out, quite a few dunlin on the mud to the east. Moving west the birdlife declined especially at the S.Swale LNR which was not helped by the 'cockler dredger' that sits on the mud every day at low tide then starts sweeping the flats at high tide.  By the white post you can see the lines stretching across the flats where it has 'ploughed' the surface, no doubt killing all the shellfish hence no birds!
The only thing of note was out on Horse Sands, where a record count of 58 seals were hauled out on the bank in two separate groups, one of 15 (the usual group) and the others 250 yds away, a visiting group perhaps.

A late afternoon shot as the tide was coming in.

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