Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Lesbos Day 6

Thurs 23rd

A sunny morning but only 9 degs as we watched the bitterns, ibises and purple herons on the Kalloni pool.

 We headed north to the Napi valley finding masked shrike at the beginning but little else as we drove along the track throught the olive groves, although as we exited onto the Petra road we came across a sombre tit and red-backed shrike.

The next stop was on the Kavaki cliffes immediately seeing Ruppell's warbler and a couple of alpine swifts, ravens and black-eared wheatears. 

Ruppell's Warbler

After a nice lunch at Petra we took a look at the reservoir above Molivos but there was hardly anything of note except two long-legged buzzards. Working our way back we stopped briefly at the raptor view point only getting a couple of photos of Cretzschmar's bunting.

 Cretzschmar's Bunting

We ended up at the East River again seeing the pendulines plus a kingfisher. olivaceous warbler, whitethroats reed and sedge warblers.

 Moving onto the saltpans a few whinchats were on view plus a couple of redfoots and lastly at 7.00pm 12 gull-billed terns.

The Red-Foots were swooping onto the ground catching beetles

Gull-billed Tern

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