Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Lesbos Day 7 (why did I start this)

Friday 24th

We went straight to Achlederi looking for the Kruipers nuthatch. Walked up to the known area but for ages couldn't find them, yes, 2 short-toed treecreepers, serins, chaffinches, woodlark and greenfinches. Walked back to the car passing a couple of groups looking for the same but no luck. We were parked next to the road next to a tree shading two mini-buses and in that tree, yes, a Kruiper's nuthatch. 

Lots of these orchids in the woods

We took a scenic drive up into the Napi valley for our picnic lunch - not much here, woodchat, cirl bunting and black-eared wheatears.  Drifted slowly back to the saltpans and had another walk over the sheep fields finding a couple of short-toed larks and 3 tawny pipits plus the abundant whinchats. 

 Short-toed Lark


Back on the pans I found a stonecurlew, great reed warbler, sedge warbler and another couple of redfoots. Nothing much for the camera today.

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Warren Baker said...

Once you start you cant just stop Mike,
Enjoyed the series so far :-)