Sunday, 15 January 2017

1st week of January

1st January 2017

I spent three hours of the morning on the local patch  and a late visit to Swalecliffe trying to find out what species could be found.  At Seasalter all the common birds but missed a few silly ones like song thrush and dunnock, the only gem being a kingfisher. At Swalecliffe I added a bonxie, red-throated divers, 51 sanderling and a nice flock of linnets finnishing off at midday with 47 sp.

A drive through Seasalter and Graveney finding mistle thrush, rook, heron and great tit. Thoroughly bored I went to Milton Creek again even though the tide would be wrong. I walked out to the creek mouth finding the eider but no sign of the long-tailed ducks. 

I went to Hampton finding the purple sandpiper, only one, then back to SS seeing 2 short-eared owls.

Walked up onto Victory Wood finding three stonechats, flock of c.40 linnits, green wood pecker, greenfinches, robins, song thrush, wren but no sign of Geoff's Dartford warbler  he'd seen the other day before. Also I saw a flock of 44 blue tits.

PM. A visit to Reculver to look at the SEOs and may be a photo but they were about but too distant. One egret was hanging about in the area plus a couple of stonechats and kestrel.

A visit to Dungeness to see the grey stonechat finally, not the presumed Stejnegers's, an interesting bird never the less. I also saw the ringed-necked duck, why is called ring-necked, the only ring is on the bill so perhaps it should be called 'ring-billed duck'. Its no doubt an escape anyway, loads of them are in kept captivity.

The last week has been decorating the hall, stairs and landing, just glossing to go! Get it done in the cold weather and have the summer free!!!!!!!!

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