Tuesday, 21 February 2017

In Brief and Hare Coursing

A  quick visit to Seasalter was produced a buzzard over the plots but not much else.

Another Hampton  afternoon visit seeing the two purple sandpipers again.


I went to Ramsgate/Pegwell Bay looking at the fulmars now back on territory but they were not very tempting or well placed for photography. It was interesting talking to half a dozen people who were busy destroying Pacific oysters with  hammers etc. which are invading our coastline. Of course they were bonafide volunteers for Natural England and had been on this crusade for some years. 

I went onto Kingsgate and had better luck with the fulmars, about six birds being present. It was interesting to see one pair had burrowed a long way into the cliffe, both birds coming out of the hole so it must have been quite and excavation.

At home a chiffchaff dropped into the garden for a couple of minutes.


A large flock of brents circa. 2500 were present near C. Coote plus I counted 391 shelduck at the water's edge and c.300 barwits were at the mouth of the Swale.

A disturbing sight was of six hare coursers and dogs with about seven dead hares. What seemed crazy, they were doing it in the full view of the many people along the seawall. Keep your eyes out for this illegal activity.

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