Tuesday, 1 August 2017

!st Half of July, Dragonflies and Butterflies

4th July

An evening visit to Grove hoping for something to point the camera at, the only items on the menu were the Norfolk hawkers that have being so abundant this year.


A day out to Sissinghurst and Scotney Castle looking for dragonflies, Scotney being the only one producing the goods, I didn't see any emeralds though. The white-legged damselfly was abundant around the lake but no small red-eyes.

White-legged Damselfly

Later that evening I went out looking for barn owls finding a couple but the camera was lacking a bit of shutter speed.


I went to Sheldwich to get a shot of this field of mainly bluish flowers, Echium plantagineum I was led to believe and grown for the oil.


Another visit to Temple Ewell finding heaps of chalkhill blues and marbled whites.


More visits to Temple Ewell photographing the butterflies, marbled whites and chalkhill blues again being the most commonly seen.

 I came across this mating pair amidst all the chalkhill blues and assumed that was what they were but 'commons' look to be a good call as well?


Large White


Marbled White

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